Fostering opportunities between agency and organization staff for in-depth discussions to identify shared values and forest restoration objectives, effective coordination, and collaboration in our region.
Coordinating Shared Stewardship in Central Oregon Workshop Series

Coordinating Shared Stewardship in Central Oregon Workshop Series

Without coordination and communication among natural resource managers and conservation partners, restoration projects remain small and siloed. The overall value of these individual efforts is far less than projects more strategically located within the larger ecosystem of regional work. Shared Stewardship requires innovative ways of conceptualizing partnerships, structuring conversations, and sharing resources.

To facilitate these conversations, COFSF hosted a series of 4 online workshops to bring conservation partners together to develop a framework for enhancing communication and information sharing, cultivate a learning network dedicated to continual improvement and shared learning, build and strengthen relationships, and explore tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Dry Forest Restoration on Steep Terrain Workshop

The Central Oregon Forest Stewardship Foundation’s Dry Forest Restoration on Steep Terrain conference was held in Redmond, Oregon, on November 7, 2018. Attended by over 75 practitioners, Forest Service staff, and collaborative members, the conference sought to reframe the discussion from a focus on “steep slope logging” and its associated impacts on soils and vegetation to a more holistic discussion about the ecological and economic tradeoffs of “dry forest restoration on steep terrain.”

Under COFSF’s mission, we are committed to engaging forest practitioners in discussing and learning about barriers to landscape-scale forest restoration, and to providing venues for creative problem-solving. For this workshop, dry forest restoration on steep terrain was highlighted for learning and discussion. Forest Service staff, industry representatives, and collaborative members on the Ochoco National Forest talked about challenges with steep terrain restoration as they learned more about the upcoming Mill Creek project, which is located in an area known for its sharply angled ridgelines and plummeting hillsides.

Dry Forest Restoration Steep Terrain Workshop Central Oregon

Dry Forest Restoration Implementation Efficiencies Workshop

On November 1, 2016, the Central Oregon Forest Stewardship Foundation, with support from the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Federal Forest Restoration Program, The Nature Conservancy, and other regional partners, hosted a multi-day workshop to facilitate peer-to-peer learning among land managers, forest restoration industry and contractors, and collaborative stakeholders.

There are a wide variety of innovative, efficient restoration practices being utilized on individual National Forests of Central and Eastern Oregon. We recognized the need for peer-to-peer learning opportunities between collaborative groups, Forest Service staff, forest industry, and contractors to utilize these innovative, efficient strategies.

This workshop provided an avenue for this kind of peer-to-peer learning with the goal of reducing costs per acre of restoration, increasing trust and transparency and increasing collaborative engagement in implementation processes. Participants engaged in high-level, technical discussion on topics surrounding the challenges and opportunities of applying innovative forest restoration implementation efficiencies and effective strategies to successfully increase the quality, pace and scale of dry forest restoration treatments.

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