Coordinating Shared Stewardship in Central Oregon

Coordinating Shared Stewardship in Central Oregon

Through the Coordinating Shared Stewardship in Central Oregon workshop series, Central Oregon Forest Stewardship Foundation has convened a team of conservation partners to develop an approach to Shared Stewardship in Central Oregon that:
  • Connects diverse partners through information sharing and communication,
  • Identifies shared restoration priorities across the landscape, and
  • Coalesces partnerships around Shared Stewardship projects in Central Oregon.

The COFSF was well-positioned to support this type of collaboration between local agencies and conservation partners, providing coordination, convening, and technical expertise.

The series of 4 online workshops held the long-term goals of:

  • Building and enhancing communication and connectivity among local conservation partners via sharing of missions, projects, and landscape restoration goals
  • Improving coordination and collaboration among local conservation partners
  • Identifying emerging opportunities for two long-standing regional forest collaboratives: the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project and the Ochoco Forest Restoration Collaborative
  • Identifying and prioritizing shared restoration values and landscape priorities among local agencies
  • Attracting funding to support priority projects and utilize existing agreements/initiatives for strategic cross-boundary implementation
Implementing Shared Stewardship across Central Oregon will synergize the partnerships, utilize skills and capacity, build on current success, and prioritize ecosystem services, community values, and restoration actives on a Central Oregon-wide scale.
— Ryan Miller, Federal Forest Restoration Coordinator, Oregon Department of Forestry – Central Oregon District

Using group input and examples from other regions, participants co-developed a framework for Coordinating Shared Stewardship in Central Oregon.

Our current (and evolving) vision is to cultivate a network of partners to prioritize restoration values across the Central Oregon landscape, enhance relationships, and share information in nimble, timely ways to support our members to coalesce around shared priorities. We will use our collective expertise and resources to support the planning, implementing, and monitoring of effective, efficient holistic restoration projects.

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