Steve Courtney is the General Manager of Wood Procurement for Interfor’s Northwest Operations. In that role, Steve is responsible for log procurement and residual activities for Interfor’s mills in Oregon and Washington. His years with Interfor, combined with those from Sierra Pacific Industries, and Malheur Lumber Co., have provided Steve with extensive experience in procuring logs for a variety of mills. Steve also understands the issues of managing forest land having managed 32,000 acres while at Malheur Lumber Company. His first full-time position in the industry was as the Executive Director of Malheur Timber Operators, an organization which represented mills and logging companies in Grant and Harney County Oregon on public timber issues. Steve’s education includes a degree in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from National University.

Presentation Topic

An industry perspective of Forest Restoration

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We’re pleased to welcome Steve as our Reception Speaker!