Loren Kellogg

Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University


Loren Kellogg is a Professor Emeritus of Forest Engineering at Oregon State University. His expertise is in forest harvesting systems, forest operations project level planning, and silviculture – harvesting implementation. He has been a research project leader on studies covering skyline thinning operations, mechanized harvesting systems, harvesting requirements for variable retention silviculture systems, harvesting alternatives in riparian areas, and biomass harvesting and utilization. He has published over 130 papers on these subjects.

Dr. Kellogg was recognized for his teaching, research and extension accomplishments with the first endowed appointment as the Wes Lematta Professor of Forest Engineering from 2005-2012. Currently, he and his wife, Peggy, live on their family ranch just 4 miles east of Eagle Crest. The team of Loren, Peggy, and son, Scott, manage the Rocking Double K Ranch, and the Intermountain Wood Energy Forest Restoration and Biomass Utilization businesses.

Presentation Topic

Skyline Logging: New Approaches to Traditional Systems

Presentation Description

Planning and implementing forest restoration projects on steep slopes in Central and Eastern Oregon is typically challenging due to the appropriate harvesting technology and the economics for these operating conditions. This presentation will suggest solutions to these challenges that include (1) planning and silviculture strategies, (2) use of appropriate skyline harvesting technology or new concepts with tethered-assist ground-based technology on steep slopes, (3) overview of the process for planning and layout of skyline operations, and (4) and needs from the contractor and worker’s perspective for implementing safe and economical operations on steep slopes.