Bogdan Strimbu

Oregon State University


As Assistant Professor with the Department of Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management College of Forestry at Oregon State University, Bogdan Strimbu’s research is focused on integrating landscape processes with tree level dynamics. He is using remote sensing techniques to identify patterns occurring across scales with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles. In his quest for discovery and development of new mathematical procedures to help describe and model forest. Bogdan relies heavily on optimization and statistical techniques.

Presentation Topic

Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in daily forest operations: from cruising to regeneration survey

Presentation Description

UAVs are expected to change the face of forestry as we know it. There are already significant advances in execution of various tasks that are either expensive or resource unfeasible, particularly in areas where access is difficult. The presentation will focus on regeneration success, damage, soil compaction, and inventory. A live execution of data acquisition and processing would be executed, if time and weather permitted.