Bodie Dowding

Forester, Interfor


Bodie was born and raised in Lebanon, Oregon. He loved spending time outdoors and hiking the butte near his house. Bodie’s parents made a point of spending time with him in the outdoors when he was growing up and this influenced him to pursue a degree in Forestry. He attended Oregon State University and graduated in 2007 with a BS in Wood Science and Engineering. After graduating Bodie spent 1 year as a log scaler for Columbia River Log Scaling and Grading Bureau then went back to OSU and graduated in 2010 with a MS in Forest Engineering. Glen Murphy was Bodie’s graduate professor. Glen has spent the majority of his life in New Zealand. Through Glen’s contacts Bodie secured a job cruising timber on the north island of New Zealand where he worked for 9 months before returning to Oregon to be married to his beautiful wife Krista. Shortly after returning to Oregon Bodie went to work for Interfor in Gilchrist. He has spent the last 5 years in Gilchrist where he has worked primarily cruising, appraising, and administering agency timber sales. Bodie currently lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife and two baby boys.

Presentation Topic

Making Forest Restoration Economical

Presentation Description

Making Forest Restoration Economical will be a presentation of factors industry considers when purchasing a timber sale. It will concentrate on reasons that a sale may go no bid or factors that reduce the stumpage value to the selling agency. A few of the items discussed will be timber sale cut outs, minimum piece size, purchaser marking, and required chip wood removal. Examples of the effect these issues have had on recent sale offerings will be presented.