Forest Restoration Workshop Topics

Workshop Topics

The Economics of Forest Restoration

  • Making Forest Restoration Economical
  • Contractor Logging Costs & Opportunities for Cost-savings
  • Economics of Dry Forest Stewardship Projects
  • Using the LanFin Tool

From Inception to Implementation:  Planning for Success

  • Planning at the Landscape Scale
  • Making Use of Good Neighbor Authority
  • Authorities to Maximize Restoration
  • Packaging Federal Resources for All-lands Restoration

New Opportunities for Conventional Harvesting Systems and Biomass Utilization

  • Cut-to-Length vs Whole Tree Logging Systems
  • Biomass Utilization, Harvesting and Markets
  • Managing Slash: Needs, challenges, opportunities

Steep Terrain Harvesting Systems

  • Skyline Logging: New Approaches to Traditional Systems
  • Steep Slope Logging
  • Tethered Assist

Forest Treatments for Riparian Health

  • Hydrology Concerns for Treatments in Riparian Areas
  • Riparian Thinning Using Cut-to-Length
  • Riparian Thinning: An Example from the Deschutes National Forest

Cutting Edge Technologies for Sale Layout and Implementation

  • Virtual and Discernable Boundaries
  • Unmanned Aircraft
  • Tablet applications for Implementing Silvicultural Prescriptions
  • Using Avenza PDF Maps in Concert with CTL Harvesting Systems
  • Forest Restoration in the Tablet & Smart Phone era: Marking and Realtime Monitoring using the ICO APP
  • Non-contact tree measurement for forest harvesting machines

A Grounded Approach: Soil Considerations for Harvesting

  • Soil Matters – Improving Forest Landscape Planning and Management for Diverse Objectives with Soils Information and Expertise
  • Soil Resources Management for Logging in Steep Slopes
  • Interaction of Steep Slope Equipment with Soil Resources

Roads, Water Crossings and Culverts: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Roads, Crossings and Culverts
  • Prioritizing Roads, Crossings & Culverts with NetMap

Designation Methods: Lessons Learned

  • Alternative contracting methods and implementation strategies for commercial harvest
  • DxP and DxD

Managing Fire at the Right Place and Right Time

  • Prescribed Fire at Scale
  • Contracting Prescribed Fire